Castalie water is micro-filtered, ensuring a perfectly neutral taste. Cleaner, sustainable water is 293 301 301 plastic bottles avoided since 2011.

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An eco-friendly company made in France

Castalie was created in 2011 by a committed man: Thibault Lamarque. Outraged by the omnipresence of plastic water bottles (billions a year in France – of which barely 10% are recycled) and their impact on our health and the planet, he imagined a sustainable alternative full of meaning. Quality micro-filtered water fountains, Made in France, with very low environmental impact. Since then, bistronomic and Michelin-starred restaurants, committed hotels and prestigious companies have been won over by the quality of the water they dispense, the reliability of our service, and the design and magic of our fountains. Above all, they have made it possible to avoid 35 million plastic bottles by 2020, 44 by 2021, and soon over 300 million since the beginning of this adventure.

French technology at the service for innovation

The entire PURE range has been designed in collaboration with CETIM in accordance with the NF E01-005 standard. Since our creation, we have integrated the 7 fundamental pillars of the circular economy, in order to rethink modes of consumption and production.


restaurants, including 45 Michelin-starred


hotels throughout France


companies, from start-ups to CAC40s


of filtered residues

Answers to your questions

  • Our filter combines a 0.5-micron membrane with powdered activated carbon. The membrane retains all particles larger than 0.5 microns that may be present in the mains water, such as traces of heavy metals, colorants and drug residues.

    The activated carbon powder, suspended at the bottom of the filter, retains the chlorine present in the mains water by adsorption (the chlorine molecules attach themselves to the activated carbon).

  • Castalie fountains offer tempered, fresh or hot still water, as well as sparkling water, depending on your requirements and the model available.

  • We have a wide range of fountains to suit your every need, depending on a number of criteria: type of water required (still, sparkling, hot, cold), available space, number of users…

    As each project is unique, we invite you to get in touch with us or find out here which fountain might be right for you.

  • Castalie fountains are turnkey! Installation of your fountain(s) is included in your contract, as is maintenance.