Provide access to quality water by exploring blue tech solutions for a better planet.

We offer a comprehensive solution with our microfiltered water dispensers and range of containers.

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plastic bottles avoided since the beginning of the project. And we’re just getting started!

Fontaine Mini Pure

Enjoy high-quality water while helping the planet
with our 360° offer

CASTALIE’s range of solutions, composed of much more than just water dispensers, allows you to reduce your waste and carbon footprint and save space, and makes the company part of the circular economy.


Elegant and eco-designed dispensers

A range of practical and durable accessories

High-quality water produced on site

Support for your CSR agenda

Solutions designed and adapted to your business

Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint, provide your staff with high-quality water that reflects your image, or free up storage space? We can help you!

The first water dispenser in France committed to helping people and the planet!

Since 2019, CASTALIE has been working with the Made Blue foundation to build water access points in Ethiopia.

When you choose a CASTALIE dispenser, you are providing 4 people with access to drinking water for 10 years.

CASTALIE, a company committed to helping people and the planet

Discover all of our commitments!

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