Our mission: Provide access to quality water by exploring blue tech solutions for a better planet !

For just two generations, we have been consuming bottled water that is transported by lorry for hundreds of miles.

CASTALIE offers businesses a replacement solution so that our drinking choices are no longer governed by habit or convenience.

253 000 022

plastic bottles avoided since the beginning of the project. And we’re just getting started!

Our key figures


million plastic bottles avoided since the start of the CASTALIE project


dispensers installed


satisfied customers!

A story that began in 2011


Beginning of the concept of CASTALIE


Founding of the company and installation of water dispensers at our first customers, chefs, restaurants and hotels


Our PURE fountain receives the Janus de l'Industrie award for "eco-design" and the Observeur du Design award for "eco-designed product


CASTALIE enters the businesses market!


CASTALIE joins the BPI France Startup Hub.


CASTALIE receives the ESUS certification (Entreprise Solidaire d'Utilité Sociale).


The Made Blue program, to have easy access to drinking water in Ethiopia, is launched !


105 millions of plastic bottles have been avoided since the beginning of the adventure ! CASTALIE, it's more than 3500 water dispensers installed, 2000 customers and 100 collaborators, all more motivated than ever to end single-use plastic.

CASTALIE, a member of the Social and Solidarity Economy

CASTALIE is part of the Social and Solidarity Economy (ESS), and an accredited Solidarity Enterprise of Social Utility (ESUS), like 1,700 other companies in France. What does this mean, exactly?

The ESS is composed of organisations seeking to reconcile social utility, solidarity, economic performance and shared governance, with the goal of creating jobs and developing greater social cohesion.

As for ESUS accreditation, its main goal is social utility, and it has a direct impact on a company’s accounts. At CASTALIE, we have made firm commitments. These include:

Corporate purpose

Our articles of association now specify that our corporate purpose is to contribute to sustainable development.

Shared governance

Our articles of association have set up an SSE Committee, whose purpose is to help the managers define the company’s strategy, ensure that it upholds its ESS obligations, and measure the company’s social impact.

Salary policy

• At CASTALIE, the average salary given to the five best-paid employees or managers cannot exceed seven times the annual compensation received by a full-time employee.

• The salary given to the best-paid employee or manager cannot exceed ten times the annual compensation received by a full-time employee.

At CASTALIE, we have also made external commitments

Our values:


Behind the scenes: a team of 100 motivated people committed to the same goal!

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The first water dispenser in France committed for people and the planet !

Since 2019, CASTALIE has been working with the Made Blue foundation to build water access points in Ethiopia.

When you choose a CASTALIE dispenser, you are providing 4 people with access to drinking water for 10 years.