Offer unlimited, high-quality water with a dispenser for public spaces and buildings

Since 2020, the fight against plastic has accelerated!

Approved in January 2020, the Anti-Waste Law for a Circular Economy (or AGEC in French) imposes a gradual ban on many disposable plastic items, with the aim of eliminating single-use plastic by 2040.


How does this impact public spaces and buildings? 

Since January 2021: Plastic bottles can no longer be distributed free of charge in business premises and public buildings.

From January 2022: Public buildings accessed by more than 300 people and connected to the water supply network must install at least one publicly-accessible water dispenser.


But let’s see the glass as half full: this law is also an opportunity to offer high-quality water which reflects your image and offers your guests, users or customers a better experience.

Our safe, robust and customisable indoor dispensers

These water dispensers are ideal for high-traffic buildings open to the public (shopping centres, department stores, train stations, airports):

  • Connected directly to the mains water supply, our dispensers can fill several hundred bottles per hour. A counter indicates the number of plastic bottles saved and
  • dispensers can be fitted with an advanced UV sterilisation system, designed to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Our dispensers are equipped with a contactless sensor and a drainage system to remove standing water.
  • Made from ethical and sustainable materials, they are designed to withstand wear and tear and vandalism
  • You can customise the external unit to highlight your eco-friendly choice!

With CASTALIE indoor dispensers, you can...

Quickly and easily fill up to 700 flasks per hour

Provide safe water, protected by UV technology and contactless sensors


Customise your dispenser to highlight your eco-friendly choice

Foolproof CASTALIE outdoor dispensers

  • Designed for outdoor spaces, these water dispensers are made from grade-316 stainless steel, with a corrosion- and rust-resistant powder coating. They can endure extreme weather conditions and have an anti-freeze option.
  • With their tamper-proof design, our water dispensers are able to withstand wear and tear and vandalism.
  • The vandal-proof taps have an integrated chrome-plated protective cover, to prevent contamination by other users, airborne deposits and mishandling.
  • There are 12 available colours: choose one that matches your image!

With CASTALIE outdoor dispensers, you can...

Provide an unlimited water supply, even in busy areas


Customise your water dispenser to reflect your image


Enjoy a safe and ultra-resistant water dispenser



6 reasons to choose a CASTALIE dispenser

Increase your sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint

Provide water that reflects
your image


and enjoy greater convenience

Ensure the well-being of your visitors, customers or users by offering them high-quality water


Offer an unlimited,
supply of water

Enjoy high-quality, hard-wearing and ethically-designed equipment

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