Discover L'Eau à la Bouche, the guide to eco-friendly restaurants.

Why this guide?

For almost ten years now, CASTALIE has been encouraging restaurateurs, hoteliers and business leaders to go green or get greener. Our mission is provide access to quality water by exploring blue tech solutions for a better planet. Our on-site microfiltered water dispensers and customisable, reusable flasks and glass bottles steal the show from single-use bottles and glasses. 

Today, an increasing number of restaurants are joining the crusade by offering CASTALIE water and engaging in ethical initiatives. And these considerate, eco-friendly restaurateurs are featured in L’Eau à la Bouche, our brand-new guide that has just hit the shelves! 

How did we go about selecting these restaurants?

Each featured restaurateur has racked their brains to come up with a menu that makes sense in 2020, with a threefold commitment to seasonality, sustainability and ethical agriculture! We promise you appetising dishes packed with ingredients pampered by farmers and recipes that may incorporate vegetable peelings and tops or leftovers in order to reduce waste. These diners, bistros and pubs have designed everything with an eco-friendly ethos in mind, from the glass water bottles and coffee cups, to the bread baskets, plates and furniture.

Today, we want to help every consumer become part of the solution with the restaurants they choose to eat in.

Dozens of ethical and delicious dining options
throughout France!