Eco-friendly CASTALIE dispensers

Experts in filtration

Our water dispensers and filters hold the Attestation de Conformité Sanitaire (ACS – French certificate of sanitary compliance). Our microfiltration process allows you to:

Group 61

remove chlorine, as well as any lingering particles and residues from the water system

Group 72

give the water that perfect neutral taste

CASTALIE dispensers for all your needs

Choose the right water for you
Preset amounts designed for all your containers

Choose a preset amount (77, 55, 33 cl or personalised) to easily fill your containers.

Eco-designed dispensers made with the most high-quality materials

Because it is important for us to work with our closest industrial partners, CASTALIE dispensers are made in France and Italy. Our entire PURE range has been eco-designed in accordance with the NF E01-005 standard.

Innovation Award

Our dispensers have been awarded the Janus de l'Industrie label (with a special distinction for eco-design) and named “Étoile du Design” by the Observeur du Design.

CASTALIE_PICTOS_machine trois quart