Questions from businesses 

“What is the difference between CASTALIE and a point-of-use

CASTALIE dispensers are professional equipment initially designed for the hotel and restaurant industries. Their power and flow guarantee a neutral taste and great fizz.

The machines are made in France and Italy and benefit from extensive maintenance at least four times a year. This, along with their high-quality filters, guarantees the bacteriological quality of the water.

The vast majority of point-of-use dispensers and associated filters are made in China, and often the filters are not even changed once a year (check when your provider last visited). In reality, prices do not allow operators to clean and change the filters as often as they should. As a result, 15 to 25% of point-of-use dispensers are bacteriologically contaminated.

CASTALIE water dispensers have won numerous awards for their design (Janus de l’Industrie, Etoile de l’Observeur) and are completely at home in the most high-end spaces.

You can have a look at our water dispensers for businesses here. 

“How do CASTALIE water dispensers contribute to employee well-being?”

Drinking 1.5 litres of water per day is a public health recommendation but, for many people, this is difficult to do on a daily basis. Most of the day is spent at work, so it is vital that you provide your employees access to high-quality water – and studies show that good hydration improves cognitive abilities, concentration, etc.

CASTALIE water dispensers are often installed in snack stations, and we have seen how they help create a real “water cooler experience”. The equipment design, stylish, personalised glass bottles and individual flasks and great neutral taste all help create a “water cooler moment” that employees will enjoy, encouraging them to meet by the dispenser and drink more water.