CASTALIE microfiltered water


“What is microfiltered water? What makes CASTALIE water different from tap water, mineral water or spring water?”

• Mineral water: what we call “mineral” water is actually spring water that contains various amounts of minerals and trace elements, which can have certain health benefits for the people that drink it. In France, water can only be called “mineral water” if it is approved as healthy by the Académie de Médecine. However, some mineral water should be consumed with caution. When it contains more than 1.5 mg of fluoride per litre, for example, it is not recommended for young children.

• Spring water: spring water also comes from underground, and has the same drinkability criteria as tap water, which are defined by European regulations. Spring water can come from different sources. Its mineral content changes with the season, and it does not undergo any disinfection treatment.

• Tap water: tap water has the same drinkability criteria as spring water. It can be purified and treated. It is currently the most regulated food product in France: it must meet seventy criteria (calcium, nitrate, chlorine, limestone, etc.) in order to be distributed, and undergoes purification and disinfection treatments. 8 out of 10 French people trust it(1).

The quality of water, whatever its source (company dispensers, glass or plastic bottles), is regularly subject to public debate.

Bottled water, whose mineral content varies significantly depending on the brand, is regularly the topic of public health debates, in particular due to its plastic packaging. For bottles and jugs, this packaging can affect the quality of the water(2).

CASTALIE microfiltered water is purified on-site, removing the chlorine and particles. The result is a neutral water which tastes great and is entirely safe in terms of microbial quality.

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1 – L’eau du robinet séduit toujours plus de Français, Consoglobe
2 – American study conducted in March 2018, Orbmedia